How to Avoid Common RFIs – Retail Door and Grille Applications

Program Number: COR600
Program Credit: 1 Hour - 1.0 AIA/CES Learning Units / HSW
Delivery: Lecture / Slide Presentation with Competency Component – Projection screen or area required.
Cost: None. Cornell Storefronts will bring this program to architectural firms or chapter meetings.
For AIA LU credit, AIA membership numbers will be required following the program.

Learning Objective

To gain understanding of the most common Retail building design applications regarding Coiling Door and Grille Products that cause RFIs, allowing for more accurate plans, more efficient projects and the best use of resources.

Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • Accurate mounting and support requirements for coiling doors and grilles, including the option for supports provided and engineered by the manufacturer.
  • Motor operator options for Retail coiling door and grille applications that provide maximum safety and aesthetics.
  • The most appropriate locking options for coiling doors and grilles that provide maximum safety, security and code compliance.
  • Application appropriate finishing touches that can provide the best aesthetic look.
  • Differences in fire door closing systems with an application guideline for specifying the safest product solution.