Security Grilles

No matter if you need it side folding or vertical coiling, our grilles provide both security with visual access for interior and exterior openings.

Rolling Grille Options

Looking for side folding grilles?  Check out our Side Folding Grilles Page.

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Extreme® 300 Series MicroCoil™ Grille

The ADA compliant MicroCoil™ security grille coils tighter than any other grille on the market, saving valuable head space.

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Extreme® 300 Series Grille

Our High Performance security grille is designed to handle heavy traffic, and high daily cycles in applications where standard grilles simply can't compare.

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SteelWeave® Metal Mesh Grille

This rolling grille combines the security you require, with the aesthetic value you want, and is available in 5 curtain designs!

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5015 Security Grille

The 5015 rolling security grille allows for ventilation and visibility just like standard rolling security grilles, but provides increased security where you need it.

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CrossingGard® Security Grille

Our emergency response grille provides security, and automatically opens when an alarm is triggered, allowing for a quick and safe escape.

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SentryGate® Grille

The SentryGate® security grille is ideal for parking, storefronts, and store-within-a-store applications.It can also can be constructed as a fixed panel design.

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Rolling Security Grilles

Ideal for storefronts, store-within-a-store, and parking applications. Provides increased security, ventilation, and visibility.



Visionaire MicroCoil

Visionaire MicroCoil Grille

Requiring nearly 40% less headroom than standard industry grilles, the Visionaire® MicroCoil® Grille is ideal for the retail industry, in city storefronts, or for buildings that cannot be easily or heavily altered.