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Security Grilles

Model Number: EAG10

The Cornell SteelWeave™  mesh security grille protects your business while enhancing its visual appeal. These grilles and mesh counter doors are rolling pieces of art, with woven patterns providing superior strength while allowing airflow and visibility. SteelWeave grilles feature durable type-316 stainless steel, making them perfect for interior and exterior-facing openings. 

These security grilles and mesh counter doors are versatile — perfect for securing a service or food counter, or for gaining attractive floor-to-ceiling protection. We build SteelWeave mesh security grilles and counter doors to your specifications. Their design allows for simple installation in a new build or an existing business without requiring structural modifications. 

Elegant Mesh Security Grilles and Metal Mesh Counter Doors

We make our SteelWeave grilles and mesh counter doors custom to your order and specifications for a perfect fit. These products are fully customizable and available in three design styles to fit your entryway and preferences, including:

  • Aesthetic Conceal (EAG10C): The Aesthetic Conceal model features durable aluminum guides set into the wall for a hidden look, with a visible stainless steel bar running across the bottom of the grille.
  • Aesthetic Reveal (EAG10V): Aesthetic reveal designs feature visible, stainless steel guides along the sides and a stainless steel bottom bar for a polished look, adding decorative appeal to your entryway. 
  • Service (EAG10S): Our service mesh security grilles deliver a cost-effective security solution for loading docks, storage rooms and other practical applications while keeping all the advantages of the SteelWeave design.



Materials and Finishes


Codes & Listings
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance
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