Entrances and Exits

With parking facilities there are a few questions you will want to consider when selecting a closure solution. Will your door need to cycle frequently, or only once a day? Does your facility require temperature control? Is visibility and ventilation important? Does your parking facility require fire-rated products to meet building codes? No matter how unique your facility is, we have a variety of products that will accommodate your unique needs.

We Suggest These Products:

Extreme 300 Series Grille

Our Extreme 300 Series Grille is part of our line of High Performance Products, which allow for higher rates of daily cycles, and operates up to 3 times faster than standard coiling grilles. This product is ideal for parking facilities where heavy traffic is regular, and visibility and ventilation is needed.

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High Performance 1024 Door

The High Performance 1024 door combines robust security with high cycle capabilities, making this product ideal for parking facilities where entering and exiting the structure quickly is just as important as controlling who comes in and out. The 1024 Door has a variety of options ensuring a perfect fit for your unique application, such as compatibility with opening devices like key card readers and floor loops.

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Security Grilles

Consider one of our many Security Grille options for your parking facility. Whether you require high cycle capabilities, aesthetic value, or side-folding closures, we have a product ideal for your specifications.

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Service Doors

Our Service Doors are ideal for parking facilities where security is important while the facility is closed, but entrances and exits will remain opened throughout business hours, resulting in low daily cycling rates.

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Insulated Doors

If your parking facility requires temperature control, our line of Insulated Doors are the answer.

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Max Protections Doors

When extreme weather, riots, and/or other formidable conditions are of concern, consider our Max Protection Doors.

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Fire Rated Products

We are the leading manufacturer of security and life safety closure products, which includes fire-rated products. We have a variety of fire-rated products and product options available in order to fit your parking facility with a closure solution that will meet your requirements in addition to complying with fire codes.

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