What Our Customers Are Saying.....

I wanted to take the opportunity to write a recommendation as I have appreciated working with Cornell Storefront Systems since 2014 for various retailers, and more recently very happy as a National Account Vendor with Tractor Supply Company. My experience with Cornell has been that they are very competitive on pricing with other National Door Vendors, the installation crews and service is responsive and very qualified. In this very fast paced and demanding business, it is great to be able to work with vendors such as yourself that can deliver your product as promised, on time, and on budget. It is and has always been a pleasure working with Cornell Storefront Systems and I can only hope we can continue to work together for many years to come. Bruce Wells - President
Your communication skills, schedule foresight and willingness to jump in and help when it is not your firm’s issue is exemplary. We have enjoyed using Cornell Storefront for too many reasons to mention. Your product is exactly what Autozone needed and your service has been excellent. We look forward to using your firm as well on other projects with other Owners. We would recommend to any Contractor or Owner to consider using Cornell Storefront for all their rolling overhead door needs as well as the other products you supply and install. There are many things that make Cornell Storefront stand out above everyone else. They meet your schedule and the installation crew installs the products very well; leaves the site very clean; and always makes sure the doors are working properly. One of the most important reasons Berry uses Cornell Storefront is how they react to situations that they are not even involved with. Autozone re-developed a store and 2 weeks before opening, they made the decision to get 2 new doors installed. Cornell did not even know about the job before this. One week before opening, both doors where in. This type of customer service is excellent. Ed Jolley Berry Construction Company, Inc.
Cornell Storefront has been VanTassel Proctor’s go-to Overhead Door Supplier and installer for numerous national account Vendors over the past several years. VanTassel Proctor always turns to Cornell Storefront because they have proven time and time again that they are professional, dependable, provide quality workmanship and are ALWAYS on time and on schedule. If there is ever a problem with the installations, the staff is always responsive and timely, which is important in helping VanTassel Proctor keep its relationship with our clients in good standing. - VanTassel Proctor General Contractors VanTassel Proctor General Contractors
Thank you for taking the time and caring and not letting our work fall between the cracks. Now I know I can count on your company for more of our mall sliding door issues. Mike Caligiuri, Contractor - JCP - Mike Caligiuri, Contractor - JCP JCP
In the 22 years I have been with the company, I have been involved in many projects with various companies. Your partnership, follow up, and attention to excellence has been amazing. You truly have been the best company I have worked with. I could not have asked for a better experience. There was never a time a question went unanswered or a sitation unaddressed. All I can say is thank you to everyone involved in the process from the beginning all the way through!! Heidi Walmart
We were very concerned about the security of our stores in and around Ferguson, MO. There were several nights of heavy violence, and other stores around ours were severely damaged and looted – some to the point of not being able to reopen in the future. Our locations were not broken into and did not sustain any damage during the riots. The Cornell Security Doors provided us the security we needed at a crucial time. Facilities Manager, National Big Box Chain Store Ferguson, MO - Facilities Manager National Big Box Chain Store
Whenever I have a project with overhead door needs, I always turn to Cornell Storefronts – regardless of the size of the project – because your customer service, communication and adaptability is on-point every single time and it is much appreciated. Thank you for being so reliable! Amity LaMaster - Project Engineer KOC Construction
Lakeview has always counted on Cornell for a smooth and coordinated process for the various retail stores we do on a national basis. I would recommend Cornell Storefront Systems as a valued partner for future projects. Kent Moon - President Lakeview Construction