Fire Door Drop Testing Program

  • Annual testing to comply with NFPA-80 regulations
  • Increased lifecycle and maximum efficency of the doors



AAADM Inspections

  • AAADM certified technicians are used and upon each service call, an inspection is completed to ensure the doors are up to standard.
  • Programs are available to visit stores on an annual basis to inspect, document issues and ensure the doors are working properly.
Fire Rated Doors

Preventive Maintenance Programs

  • Data mining and reporting
  • Reduce emergency service calls
  • Reduce annual service spend
  • Increase the lifecycle of the doors
  • Ensure all emergency doors are maintained and tested per required testing by law
  • Keep all other doors maintained to proper working order
Counter Shutter - Penguins Arena

Component/Product Upgrade Rollout

  • Rollout of new products to make scheduling and installation easy.