Rolling Counter Shutters

Commonly utilized in cafeterias, concession stands and ticket booths, Rolling Counter Shutters, also known as Counter Doors, provide accessibility and security in interior and exterior finished wall openings. When they are required by code for fire, fire barrier and smoke barrier walls, choose a fire rated configuration.

Counter Door Offerings

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Fire-Rated Counter Shutters

When fires are possible, consider our fire-rated counter shutters for your application. No matter the application, you can count on our fire doors to protect life and products from fire and smoke damage.

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Counter Shutters

Ideal for cafeterias, pharmacies, and ticket booths. Each unit is custom built to fit your opening size, operation and aesthetic preferences.



Insulated Counter Door

Insulated Counter Door

Our Insulated Counter Door is unique and the first of its kind. It features a patented PVC back slat that holds the melamine foam insulation in place within the curtain. It is also extremely compact and aesthetically pleasing, offering a more streamlined look than a traditional rolling door.