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Model Number: ESG10C & ESG12C

Minimum Headroom Security Grilles

In need of a standard cycle, low headroom grille for retail applications? The Visionaire® MicroCoil® Grille is the ideal solution. With nearly 40% less headroom than any other standard grille on the market today, the Visionaire MicroCoil offers unmatched benefits and aesthetics. Use this low headroom security grille in nearly any commercial setting for optimum security and an impressive look.

The grille curtain matches the design of our unique high performance MicroCoil Grille and features 304 stainless steel links. The sleek links nest on top of one another when the grille coils closed, requiring as little as 15.5 inches of headroom. The links are easily replaced, allowing this grille to have a lifetime of less maintenance and simple repairs, along with a curtain that offers flexible design in either a straight or brick pattern.

Engineered for longevity, the Visionaire MicroCoil has a lifespan of up to 50,000 cycles. Whether you are looking for a motor or a manual operation such as chain hoist or push up, the Visionaire MicroCoil can meet your needs.  



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