Protect Pro Series

Heavy traffic places like receiving areas and loading docks take a lot of wear and tear—especially the doors. When doors are being repeatedly cycled, people are in and out, and forklifts are being used it’s inevitable that doors will receive some type of damage. If a door receives damage, and you have to wait for a repair, you are losing time and money. Rather than being reactive when the damage occurs, be proactive by using products from The Protect Pro Series.

Rolling Door Protector

In busy loading and receiving areas it’s not uncommon for an overhead door’s hood to be damaged by a loaded and raised forklift. If the hood is damaged, the curtain cannot cycle. This poses an issue to productivity and safety, especially if the door is a fire door!

In response to this problem, we created the Rolling Door Protector to prevent damage that would otherwise pose safety concerns, and a loss of time and money. The Rolling Door Protector is designed to absorb the force of an impact, leaving the hood intact and the door operable.

Heavy Duty Bottom Bar

Bottom bars and bottom slats are typically the part of the door that receives minor damage continually overtime. When minor damage occurs, it seems like the door can still effectively operate, but in reality it is rubbing salt in a wound. When a door receives damage of any extent, the door should not be cycled in order to prevent further, and more costly damage. Continued use after receiving damage will eventually leave the door inoperable, costing you more time and more money.

Our Heavy Duty Bottom Bars are 5.5x stronger than standard bottom bars, and are designed to protect from forklifts and pallet jacks. Since it is taller and more rigid, the bar cannot flex or crease, effectively protecting itself, and all the bars above it.

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response product has a breakaway bottom bar, removable lower guide sections and extra slats in the barrel to help make repairs fast and easy.  After an impact, the bottom bar and guide sections are taken off so the damaged curtain slats can be removed and discarded.  The extra curtain is rolled down and the guides and bottom bar are reattached.  All repair work is completed in the initial call.

Sectional Door Protector

A single hard impact, or multiple minor impacts can result in a damaged bottom panel. Sectional door panels are not as strong as rolling door slats, therefore replacement panels are usually needed when a panel is damaged. Having to wait for a replacement will leave your door inoperable, costing you time and money.

The Sectional Door Protector absorbs the force of impact, transferring it to the wall effectively protecting the panel.

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