Security Window Film


Security Film secures glass in place during blast, seismic, shatter or 'smash and grab' events.  IPA adhesives secure broken glass to window frames, anchoring shattered glass within the frame protecting occupants and critical infrastructure.

Patented multi-layer films are tested to meet the most demanding government specifications of performance.  This innovative product from is made from strong polyester films which bond to existing glass with durable UV resistant adhesives.


DefenseLite currently protects over a thousand openings throughout the USA.  DefenseLite is custom-engineered security that works, and it is "virtually invisible".  It bonds over the existing glass using our DefenseLite Super Bond system and our unique aluminum frames that create an air space between the Shield and the glass we protect.  It can now be applied either inside the building, or on the exterior depending on the best application for the location.  Inside deployment is suiutable in colder climates as it can be installed under all conditions. 

Cameras may record a break-in attempt but they do not stop the intruder, (which is our intent).  Alarm systems alert the police but according to Homeland Security the average response time is 22 minutes.  No other system keeps the intruder at bay long enough for police to arrive, (22 minutes is an eternity when harm is being done). We buy time.


Entrances and glass are a building's most vulnerable area. Glass can be shattered in seconds with a simple metal punch. If an intruder tries to breach a DefenseLite protected door, they will leave empty-handed. It's just not worth it when there are so many other opportunities. Our UV coated security Shields are not just "virtually invisible", but unbeakable.  They cannot be pushed in even if the glass breaks, and it cannot be pried out.  It is designed to keep the bad guy out.  It is much more effective than cameras, alarms that do not stop the attempt.  It is also less expensive than most other forms of security. We currently protect the entrances of many chain stores, malls, and commercial enterprises.  To date all forced-entry attempts have failed when DefenseLite is in place.