Fire Rated Manual Operators

Manual Operators are great in applications with smaller doors, or perhaps where a door is not used frequently.  They can be great for cost savings yet are as robust and reliable as a motor operator.

AlarmGard™ Chain or Crank

For use on fire doors, insulated fire doors and counter fire doors. Automatically closes fire doors during building alarm, smoke detector activation or power failure. Rate of descent will not exceed 12" per second. External releasing devices are not required, eliminating costly wiring. Can be retrofit to most manufacturers' existing fire doors.

Can use 120 Volt AC, 24 Volt AC or 24 Volt DC Power from an external source or central alarm system. Optional battery backup can hold the door in the open position for up to 8 hours, preventing unwanted drops due to temporary power outages. It can also be used to power local detectors.

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FireGard™ Chain or Crank

Combination hand chain or hand crank / controlled closing system operator including steel chain or removable hand crank, geared reduction unit and an electric wall mounted close control station. Fire door system closing is activated by melting of fusible link. Maximum closing system speed of 12" per second. System reset procedure is to replace and reset fusible link.

Available for fire doors that do not require the daily operation convenience of a motor operator in the above FireGard closing system conditions and that will have the required access to the hand chain or crank operator. Available for use on all counter fire doors and fire doors to 34' wide or 28' high. Crank units available for units less than 12' high. Chain or crank operation is not recommended for doors that will be used frequently.

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